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Explore 360 Years Of Delaware History

From its stately townhomes to its colonial gardens, you can experience almost four centuries of New Castle life, including the world of the Dutch colonists, revolutionary leaders and 19th century Americans, with a visit to Historic New Castle, Delaware. You'll treasure your time exploring its old world charm on the Delaware River. Travel its cobblestone streets, stroll the town green, find antiques in its quaint shopping district and dine in historic restaurants. Cozy and intimate, New Castle still can deliver a whole weekend's worth of things to do, especially during special events days in the spring, summer and fall. Come visit soon!



  • A Day in Old New Castle (Spring)
  • Separation Day Festival (Summer)
  • Delaware Beer, Wine & Spirits Festival (Fall)


  • Amstel House & Dutch House Garden Tours
  • Delaware River Battery Park Walk
  • Colonial Period Home Tours
  • Old New Castle Court House Tour
  • First State National Historic Park
  • Historic Antique Shopping District


  • Are there restaurants in the New Castle Delaware Historic District?

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  • Are there tours of the Historic New Castle District?

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