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25 - Apr
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Where:Johnny Brenda's, 1201 N Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19125
with Black Belt Eagle Scout
The second full-length album from Australian singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin, Crushing embodiesevery possible meaning of its title word. Its an album formed from sheer intensity of feeling, anin-the-moment narrative of heartbreak and infatuation. And with her storytelling centered on bodiesand crossed boundaries and smothering closeness, Crushing reveals how our physical experience ofthe world shapes and sometimes distorts our inner lives.This album came from spending two years touring and being in a relationship, and feeling like Inever had any space of my own, says the Melbourne-based artist. For a long time I felt like myhead was full of fear and my body was just this functional thing that carried me from point A to B,and writing these songs was like rejoining the two.The follow-up to her 2016 debut Dont Let the Kids Win , Crushing finds Jacklin continuallyacknowledging whats expected of her, then gracefully rejecting those expectations. As a result, thealbum invites self-examination and a possible shift in the listeners way of getting around theworldan effect that has everything to do with Jacklins openness about her own experience.I used to be so worried about seeming demanding that Id put up with anything, which I think iscommonyou want to be chill and cool, but it ends up taking so much of your emotional energy,says Jacklin. Now Ive gotten used to calling out things Im not okay with, instead of just buryingmy feelings to make it easier on everyone. Ive realized that in order to keep the peace, you have tospeak up for yourself and say what you really want.Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones) and recorded at The Grove Studios (abushland hideaway built by INXS Garry Gary Beers), Crushing sets Jacklins understated defianceagainst a raw yet luminous sonic backdrop. In all the songs, you can hear every sound from everyinstrument; you can hear my throat and hear me breathing, she says. It was really important to metha
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