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21 - Jun
(Nearby Event: Concerts & Music)
Where:Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19107
with Boysetsfire, Restorations
2019 will mark Hot Water Musics 25th year as a band. To celebrate this landmark, the band will be playing their albums Caution and No Division in full. From the band: If anyone would have told us in 1994 that we would be a band for 5 years--let alone 25--we would have never believed them. Weve been kicking around the idea of doing full album shows for a few years, and this finally seemed like an appropriate time to go for it.If we were ever going to do any album shows, we knew Caution would be the top choice. But we also wanted to do something a little more old school, so we literally did a Twitter poll to see what albums people wanted to hear. No Division won out for 2nd place. 2019 will also see the reissue of many HWM classics on vinyl, with some remastering and remixing depending on the album. Were keeping the details on this under wraps for the time being, but the reissues we have planned are going to be a really cool component to the 25th Anniversary celebration. Our hope is to have sort of a one or two year-long celebration of the history of band, with new things popping up here and there. If were lucky, we may even have some new music to add to the mix.
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