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26 - Apr
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Where:Kennett Flash, 102 Sycamore Alley, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States, 19348

Bios are, well, boring and whos got time to read boastful facts about a musician.So, heres the scoop on Pat McGee...Cart Before The Horse. Always.October of 1994 McGee, books a studio to record his debut album. One, small concern, he wasnt written a single original song, ever. Ill figure it out has always been his mentality. Pats first two songs he penned that fall in the mid-nineties are, still to this day, the crowd favorites, Rebecca & Havent Seen For A While.Honest, from the heart songwriting with musical influences deeply rooted in classic rock is prevalent throughout his entire 10, soon to be 11 album catalog. His first obsessions were the guitar driven styles of Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers Band & Grateful Dead paired with the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriters scene such as Jackson Browne and James Taylor.McGee spent his early years, touring colleges throughout the Mid-Atlantic & Southeast. He had long envisioned forming a band that could carry out his ideal lineup. It was all about the songs, but backed by three part harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion along with drum set and of course melodic bass and keyboards-all the elements that made those classic albums come alive on wax and stage.Pat McGee Band finally formed in 1996 and immediately hit the road, touring relentlessly for the better part of 10 years, in one stretch doing 98 shows in 103 days. The band signed to Warner Brothers in 1999 after their rabid fanbase devoured over 100,000 copies of their first 3 Independent releases. Along the way, McGee fulfilled lifelong dreams of touring with the bands he grew up worshippingAllmans, James Taylor, The Who and many more. PMB was invited to perform for President Clinton, toured overseas with USO as well as recently to The Middle East and Africa. This allowed McGee and his band the opportunity to land on The USS Eisenhower to play for 5,000 brave men and women serving on the Arabian Seaan experience that was a highlight of his career.In O
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