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05 - May
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Where:Ardmore Music Hall, 23 E Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States, 19003
with Under The Oak
Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Larry Campbell and singer-guitarist Teresa Williams acclaimed eponymous 2015 debut, released after seven years of playing in Levon Helms band and frequent guesting with Phil Lesh, Little Feat, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, brought to the stage the crackling creative energy of a decades-long offstage union. A whirlwind of touring and promo followed, and when the dust cleared, the duo was ready to do it all again. Which brings us to Contraband Love, a riskier slice of Americana.Larry, who produced Contraband Love, says, I wanted this record to be a progression, bigger than the first one. Thats all I knew. I wanted the songwriting to be deeper, the arrangements more interesting, the performances more dynamic. Specifically how to get there, I didnt know. I did know the songs were different. The subject matter was darker than anything else Ive written.More painful! Teresa says, and laughs.Yeah, Larry says with a smile. Im proud of our debut, but I felt like the songs were lighter than what Im capable of doing. As a songwriter, I aspire to a sense of uniqueness: this is a great song and it could only have been written by me. I want to get there. Its a journey, a goal, a pursuit. The mechanics of that pursuit are figuring out what you need to do to surpass your last body of work.Although it was not his conscious intent, three of the eight tunes Campbell penned for Contraband Love deal either obliquely or directly with various emotions surrounding addiction. For the blues rocking Three Days in A Row, he authoritatively delves into the crucial first seventy-two hours directly following an addict going cold turkey in an effort to get clean. I was thinking about the things Ive quit in my life, he says. The last time was cigarettes. I remembered the dreams I had in withdrawal. Vintage-sounding country nugget Save Me from Myself (featuring Little Feats Bill Payne on piano) explores a troubled souls heartrending kn
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