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Social Events

Whether it's a cocktail reception for 200, birthday party for 100, retirement party for 50, graduation party for 20, or anything else,  we have what you need. 

Social Events in Newark, DE

"Turning 30 was everything I never expected. I didn't want to have a birthday party because ...  I WAS TURNING 30! Despite my resistance to celebrating my "old" age, my sister decided to surprise me, and I ended up celebrating with my closest friends and family. The Hilton Christiana was the most perfect spot for this bash. There were plenty of banquet rooms available inside, all brand new and transformed I might add, but the outdoor Patio was was pretty spectacular. It overlooked the fountain and the weather was perfect.  From what I hear, that planning phase that my sister was involved in with Leah and Jessica in the sales office went ever so smoothly. I had NO idea what I was stepping into when I walked onto the Patio! I honestly thought that we were there for my sister's wedding tasting. Then, SURPRISE! Confetti, balloons, streamers, noisemakers, the whole nine. Turning 30 wasn't so bad. Especially because I was with my closest people, and the staff at the Hilton put together the most flawless party of all. Thanks, Hilton Christiana. Cheers to YOU!"





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