Locally Sourced Ingredients at Newark, DE

elevating your favorite staple dishes through a more unique culinary treatment


Welcome to Market Kitchen & Bar, the dining destination in Newark, DE with a dual purpose - to provide a gastropub experience while using locally sourced product and fresh ingredients.



We take the most simple, staple dishes and elevate them through a more unique culinary approach. It's where the classic burger is relished with caramelized rosemary onions, pepper bacon, and local cow tipper cheese instead of the typical bacon and cheddar cheese. It's the burger made sexy. It's always a twist and a step up.



Executive Chef Robert and Food & Beverage Director Keith have teamed up to conquer local farms and source fresh product. Beef from Reid Angus Farm in Frankford, DE. Chicken from Bell & Evans in Fredericks, PA. Cheese from Firefly Farms in Accident, MD. Fresh produce from farms in DE, NJ, PA, and MD. Ice cream from Woodside Creamery Farm in Newark, DE. Here at Market Kitchen & Bar, we emphasize fresh and creative cuisine. Fresh herbs, including thyme, rosemary, mint, basil,  oregano, and much more are grown and harvested here in our very own courtyard and used in our dishes. 

Our favorite craft beer is brewed and spirits are distilled just 40 miles away in Milton, DE. Dogfish Head Brewery and Distillery is the finest in the area. In addition, our rotating exclusive local beers are being brewed and developed in DE, MD, PA, and NJ. Our fresh hand-crafted cocktails are just that - fresh and hand-crafted. Ingredients are local, including garnishes such as mint and basil, from our hotel's garden. Experience the liquid entertainment that happens right before your eyes.



Questions? Please contact Pete Lynch at 302.781.7000 or plynch@hiltonchristiana.com